catering boinabrasa melone

Pare you planning a family celebration, a company party or another event? We bring Brazilian delicacies and stylish entertainment to the scene and pamper your guests with traditional churrasco in the style of gauchos.We grill the meat at your home!

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How many participants do you expect and what are your requirements for the catering? Let us know your wishes! We will be happy to guide you through the planning of an unforgettable event with a Brazilian flair that your guests will talk about for a long time!


catering buffet1Depending on the type and scope of your event, we will provide you with an individual service of high quality catering. If you don't have any suitable rooms for your celebration, we will gladly provide you with the location or also find suitable suppliers. Of course we also do outdoor-grilling. If the weather doesn't fit, we provide attractive marquees that we can build in no time at the desired place and turn it into an atmospheric Churrascaria.

While our stylishly dressed Churrasquieros serve grilled meat directly at the table, you and your guests will enjoy South American shows such as live music or the spirited performance of professional samba dancers. We are happy to provide arrangements for fitting artists.


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